IDE TOKYO-Drone Solutions & Technologies- International Drone Expo has landed in Tokyo Japan! IDE Tokyo will show you the promising future of the drone market.

IDE Tokyo takes place concurrently with Wireless Japan/Wireless IoT EXPO 2019, Wireless Technology Park 2019, and Transport System Expo 2019.

Concurrent events

Wireless Japan
Wireless IoT EXPO

Wireless Japan
Wireless IoT EXPO

Wireless Technology Park2019

Wireless Technology Park

Transport System EXPO 2019

Transport System EXPO

Associated with

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association







■ Total number of visitors
※including visitors to expos held simultaneously

Date Number (number in 2018)
May 29 17,471 (16,677)
May 30 18,283 (17,454)
May 31 21,003 (20,292)
Total 56,757 (54,423)
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International Drone Expo - IDE - is a series of annual drone exhibitions internationally organized by E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc. Based in the USA, the event is now successfully growing its presence in Mexico and Japan. International Drone Expo in Japan, better known as IDE Tokyo, highlights not only on-trend technologies of the moment but also plenty of opportunities for R&D, financing, sustainability, and practical business solutions.

As UAV technologies and relevant regulations develop, so does the demand for commercial drones through various applications. The future of UAVs is promising especially for agriculture, surveillance, goods delivery, and aerial filming. According to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry), the Japanese UAV market is forecast to exceed 100 billion yen in 2030.

In close cooperation with concurrent exhibitions such as Wireless Technlogy Park, Wireless Japan, and Transport System Expo, the venue of IDE Tokyo is always buzzing with a lot of deal-makers, business developers, tech-savvy experts, successful business owners, and various C-suites from public and private sectors including banks and financial advisors. Look no further. Exhibitor application is now open.

Business matchmaking opportunities with more than 55,000 attendees worldwide!

●Attendees are varying greatly from the following industries.

1.IT/ Telecommunication
2.Industrial machineries
3.Consumer electronics
4.Precision machines

●Exhibitors are varying greatly from the following business.

1.Filming device makers
2.Sensor and remote control device manufacturers
3.Software makers etc.
4.Agricultural equipment
5.Monitoring service
Show name: IDE TOKYO
Date: May 29-31, 2019
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West 3 · 4 Hall
Expected number of attendees:
  Approx. 55,000 people (Incl. the concurrent exhibitions)
Expected number of exhibitors:
  Approx. 350 organizations (Incl. the concurrent exhibitions)
Organizer: EJK Japan, Ltd.
Cooporated by:

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association

Exhibitors List

Richen Power Ltd. Richen Power Ltd.
Richen Power is committed to solve practical problems in the area of UAV engines. Based on the next generation of UAV Engines, using the aviation engine design concepts and methods. Through independent research we launched three products: high energy density hybrid system, H2-2kW, A2-2.5kW and H5-5kW. Richen power establishes complete research and production systems. We were rewarded as the "Golden Seed Project” Enterprise of Z-Park National Demonstration Zone.
FADrone Inc. FADrone Inc.
TKK Works Co., Ltd TKK Works Co., Ltd
Event Marketing Event Marketing
Impress Corporation Impress Corporation
Impress Corporation INDUSTRY NETWORK Co., Ltd
Impress Corporation Japan UAS Industrial Development Association(JUIDA)
Impress Corporation Asia Solution and Research Institute・KING-METER TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

Themes for 2019

IDE offers a bird’s eye view of the drone market.

Monitoring and Inspection

Since commercial drone are now being widely used for agriculture and construction business as a productive way to reduce workloads and costs, IDE Tokyo will introduce successful business cases through seminars and open the door to a better world with globally selected exhibitors under the spotlight.

Expected visitors
  • local government, civil services
  • construction companies
  • mesurement companies
Monitoring and Inspection

IDE Tokyo bring into sharp focus the possibility of UAV applications for logistics, the types of which vary greatly from goods delivery to firefighting. Through IDE seminars, visitors will be able to gain deeper insight into practical use of commercial drones and broaden their horizons for success in business.

Expected visitors
  • local government, civil services,
  • logistics companies
Aerial Imaging

Aerial photography and cinematography became ever more creative than ever before, thanks to the widespread use of commercial drones. Exhibitors and seminars at IDE Tokyo will offer new and advanced filming technologies for better aerial imaging.

Expected visitors
  • local government, civil services
  • TV station
  • productiompanin coes for
     TV programs etc.
  • staffs for filming
  • cameraman
Aerial Imaging

The post show data for 2018

Total attendees:54,423 (50,574 in 2018)
Breakdown:May 23 16,677 / May 24 17,454 / May 25 20,292
※Including attendees to simultaneous expo

Attendees by industry

Attendees by industry

Attendees by business

Attendees by business

Attendees by job title

Attendees by job title

Attendees by company size

Attendees by company size

Attendees by level of authority

Attendees by level of authority

Interested technical field


Exhibition fee

●Exhibition fee

Raw space

Raw space

¥435,000 (excluding tax)/1 booth(3m×3m)

Package booth

¥549,000 (excluding tax)/1 booth (3m×3m)

◆ Package booth includes
white wall panels, a company name board, a carpet,
a reception desk, 2 chairs, 2 fluorescent lamps,
an 800w power socket/power usage fee, a rubbish bin

Trial pack

¥150,000 (excluding tax)/1 booth (W1.5m×D1.2m)
◆ Trial pack includes
A display counter, a company name board, a 500w power socket/power usage

●Exhibitor presentation

Presentation opportunities are available for all the exhibitors as follows. Those who have registered will be officially announced and promoted by the show management.
Presentation time 20mins/1 session
Fee ¥60,000 (excluding tax)/1 session
Seats 60-80 seats
Additional benefits Promotions through direct mails, the official website, e-blasts, online advertisements, the officialbrocure,etc.

●Schedule to apply

Application Process

◆ Deadline for application: February 28, 2019 ◆
※Application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.
※Please feel free to contact the show management office about payment due.



Access permission to the exhibitions:

Complementary access will be granted to press media agencies without preregistration. Please register with 2 business cards at the reception counter for press media.
(Permision from the booth personnel is integral when taking pictures/movies of exhibits.)

Access permission to the seminars:

Please register with 2 business cards at the reception counter in the seminar hall.
Complimentary access will be granted subject to confirmation.
There will be no seat available if the seminar hall is filled to capacity.
(Note that those from consulting agencies, research institutes, marketing companies, investment firms, ads/PR services will not be accepted as press media agencies.)

●Promotional banners